Enjoy the Ride of Modern Day Mercedes-Benz SUV

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known name in the market for introducing many different classes of SUVs and next year it is going to complete 40th anniversary as a SUV manufacturer. This German brand has made a unique place in the market all over the world. It is really a matter of pride to own any Mercedes car or SUV.

Mercedes G Class, which has been ruling the SUV market for last decade as a G-Wagen is considered to be the most luxurious vehicle available, whether you go to Miami or to Dubai. That position is going to remain the same unless Mercedes-Benz comes out with a new generation SUV.

Mercedes G-Wagen can still be seen in various international and national Auto Shows. Recently in the Auto Show held at Detroit the 416 HP, 4-liter biturbo V8 was on display. Next it was followed by another one with 577 HP, AMG G63 in another motor show held at Geneva. Both these models will also be in display at the next car show to be held at New York.

According to Gunnar Güthenke, who is the head of G-class product, Mercedes-Benz have been marketing the G-Wagen for last 39 years and over the years few small improvements were incorporated. However, in the year 2014, it was decided that this model should undergo much more improvement. All the improvements were based on various customer’s feedback. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz wants to still keep this G-Wagen a modern-day vehicle.

This G-Wagen has very good off-road capabilities and have a very luxurious interior design. If you look at its 20-year old model and compare its interiors then you will realize how much it has been modernized by using various latest telematics. Though as compared to many other models of Mercedes, G-Wagen was not changed so frequently however it remained up-to-date with modern times.

G-Wagen suits to those people who prefer to drive themselves instead of using any chauffeur. This G-class will always stand out among many other autonomous driving. All kinds of safety features are also incorporated in this vehicle. Mercedes is also thinking of electrifying all their vehicles and that includes G-Wagen too.

The SUV has been started with this G-Wagen and therefore the term ’G’ is still carried with its name. G-Wagen is still considered to be one of the unique vehicle from Mercedes and that tradition is still maintained. The company still wants to maintain its iconic status.

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