Five Signs It’s Time to Get New Prescription Glasses

If you experience frequent headaches and your eyes feel strained, you probably need to get a new pair of glasses. Just because your current glasses still let you see things does not mean it is doing its job perfectly. If you have been using the same glasses for years, there is a chance your glasses are retiring soon. Indeed, your vision can change over time and your current glasses may no longer meet your vision needs. Consequently, you need to update your prescription and have a comprehensive eye exam to get the right prescription. So when exactly should you switch to a newer pair of glasses? Below are some signs to watch out for:

Outdated Prescription

Outdated prescriptions can negatively affect your eyesight by straining your eyes and causing frequent headaches. Thus, you need to get a comprehensive eye exam every year to make sure your current prescription still fits your eyes’ changing needs. Your eye doctor will tell if you have to new get new glasses.

The Lenses are Scratched

Your lenses can get scratched no matter how careful you are, especially if you wear your glasses every day. Despite how small or big they are, these scratches may seem unobtrusive; however, they could harm your vision. If you don’t replace your glasses right away, you could experience eye strain or vision injuries.

Damaged Glasses

Aside from scratches on the lenses, your current glasses may no longer fit because of old age and overuse. If you are glasses have aged and been damaged, get new Houston eye glasses from a reputable vision center. New glasses have modern features like new frame materials and special coatings. Get a new pair of glasses if you have been using your current pair for at least two years.

Frequent Squinting

Squinting is important so you can focus your eyes to see well. Naturally, it enhances clarity by minimizing the light which enters your eyes. But, frequent squinting makes your eyes tired, causing eye strain and even vision issues. If you notice your eyes squinting more frequently than normal, this could mean your prescription must be adjusted.

Frequent Headaches

Once your current glasses stop doing their job, your eyes will have to work overtime to compromise. This leads to your eyes being strained and fatigued. As a result, you experience frequent headaches. You also have to update your prescription if you experience frequent headaches after you look at something closely for quite a while.

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