Technology InnovationPromotes Competitiveness Focusing More Productivity

Technology innovation in the recent years has emerged as a competitive strength and many firms have attained success by challenging through innovation. The business perspective of any small enterprise is focused towards technology capabilities means,one can know the role of innovations and how it promotes competitiveness.

Technology innovation is classified and characterized based on different types of framework. Even small enterprises with narrow focus can be developed with specialized capabilities into niche players. However, in this run of innovation it prevents from offering complete services or products.

Role of technology innovation

Technology plays a crucial part in innovation, but not the wayas people think. For any common person, technology represents no value. However, to make a difference, it must be applied appropriately to meet certain goals or to solve specific problems as defined by your customer or business. Maximizing the value of means it is essential to apply the smallest amount of technology considering the benefit it will have in those particular areas.


Technological change is identified as the long-term growth main drivers. Already there are radical innovations such as the mobile internet and cloud computing. Theyare certain to transform the processes of production and promote the standards of living, particularly in developing countries.

Technology significance

Technological changes have a lot of significance as it contributes to the nation’s prosperity. The debate is about the factors underlying in the deterring countries, right from innovation to promoting technology.

Although technology is associated to sustainable growth, there is uncertainty ifyou can create at a time the sustainability in environment with the inclusiveness of technology innovation.

The fact is that technology serves sustainability to all three dimensions – social, economic and environmental. Thus, sustainable industrialization can be attained such that the policymakers facilitate and steer the process of industrialization. This is done relying on sound policies and also by preventing the mistakes.

Technology in business

Generally, people like technology as it comes in different forms resulting in spec sheets, fancy gadgets and also as bullet points. This makes people believe that technology is innovative by itself and that is not the truth. Actually the fact is that innovation takes place only when technology is used as perceived or real value.

The technology in business allows meeting the website as the status quo and this helps creating something so that the business moves forward as innovation. However, the usage of technology must be such that it is driven by business and customer needs.

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