Top Designer Watches for Women 2018 – Quality, Prestige and Style

Top ladies designer watches are made by some of the world famous and coveted haute couture fashion designers. These brands take their watch making seriously offering Swiss made timepieces powered by Swiss quartz and automatic movements and putting the same refinement into their watches as they do to their clothing and other fashion accessories. The result is fine watches in the realm of pure luxury. They offer the best of two worlds: the style and design prowess of high fashion and the superior standards of luxury watchmaking. Some of the designer watches rival many of luxury-oriented brands’ creations.

If you want a premium timepiece that excels in design, style, beauty, function, and will give you a prestigious look, designer watches are the perfect choice. They are attractive and well-made. Trendy and contemporary yet timeless. They exude designer elegance and sophistication. Go ahead and splurge on a nice designer timepiece that speaks to you. And if you are searching for a gift, you won’t go wrong with these top designer timepieces for women. Marrying high fashion to Swiss watchmaking mastery, the following top fashion designers bring their sense of fashion and design excellence to the world of horology.

Gucci Timepieces: Gucci is a bestselling Italian design house and one of the world’s most desirable luxury brands. With Gucci watches, you get Gucci’s creative design skills and Italian craftsmanship and the accuracy and precision of Swiss craftsmanship. Sophisticatedly designed timepieces in a variety of distinctive styles and shapes. Contemporary in style with a fresh edge and urbane flair.

Chanel Watches: Chanel is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1909 by legendary designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. Known for simplicity and elegance in design and marriage of feminine and masculine styles, Chanel creates beautiful watches for women staying true to watchmaking tradition and highlighting the brand’s mastery of fine jewellery and watch-dial decoration. Some of the most iconic Chanel watches are the Chanel J12 ceramic watches, the Chanel Boyfriend Watch, and the double wrap Chanel Premiere. Chanel also has spectacular fine jewellery timepieces.

Versace Watches: Extraordinary timepieces with a refined overall design. Versace watches combine Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship. They are attractive, innovative timepieces that look good and function as well. Gold and silver tone cases and bracelets, leather straps, multi-coloured dials with – elegant and sporty chronograph ladies watches. Versus is the more affordable rock ‘n’ roll wing of Versace meant for the young and young at heart.

Michele Watches: Michele is a watch making brand started by Maurice Barouh in 1940. Michele watches are women’s favourites and are in almost every lady’s wish list! They are sophisticated and luxurious feminine timepieces that combine timeless elegance with modern elements lending timeless appeal to fashion-forward designs. With these, women don’t have to choose between classic and trendy.

Salvatore Ferragamo: An Italian company founded in the 1920s. Salvatore Ferragamo watches have sophisticated designs with modern details. They are exceptional designer timepieces that are beautiful, unique and well-made exuding understated elegance. Salvatore Ferragamo puts the same refinement into its watches as it does its footwear. Its Swiss made timepieces whose finishing rivals many of its luxury-oriented competitors.

Burberry Watches: Burberry is a British luxury fashion brand with a classic and reserved, classy but not flashy style. Burberry watches are designed in England and crafted in Switzerland. Featuring their classic trench coat colour palette, Burberry’s watches have contemporary style infused with the classic elegance the brand is renowned for.

Fendi Timepieces: An Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1925 in Rome. Their timepieces are an attractive blend of Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship. Inventive styling with lots of colourful gemstones, diamonds and gold makes them attractive and unique timepieces to grace the wrist.

Hermes: Founded in France in 1837 and best known for their handbags, Hermes excels in the world of timepieces too. Hermes watches have attractive and distinctive designs and offer lots of innovation and interesting features.

Dior: Dior is an iconic fashion house all over the world. Dior timepieces are made with the same attention to detail and delicate, intense style that are the hallmarks of the brand. Their timepieces are stunning with designs that will truly draw attention.

Ralph Lauren: Crafted in Switzerland by master artisans using top-notch materials, Ralph Lauren watches feature exquisite artistry and attractive designs based on Ralph Lauren’s most iconic inspirations. Although you might think they rank in the same category as fashion brands like Daniel Wellington and Fossil watches, they don’t, we are talking proper Swiss precision and engineering.

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