Whitsundays In July: Reasons To Go

Anyone in search of the perfect Australian tropical road trip can look no further than this stretch of multiple tropical islands in the heart of the legendary Great Barrier Reef. This area features temperate climates year round, which makes July the perfect to load up a motorhome hire and hit these white beaches and blue waters. This is easily one of the top tropical destinations anywhere in the world, and there is much to explore and do here when you’re not relaxing on the beach. There are a great many reasons why this region is perfect for a relaxing tropical road trip, and these are just a few of the many, many reasons this region has become a mecca for road trippers and travelers over the decades.

Year-Round Calm Waters

Unlike many beach regions in the country, the waters never get rough and unruly in these parts. Whitsunday’s positioning and geological makeup guarantee calm waters since the barrier reefs keep out strong winds. This means you can enjoy the calm, clear waters year-round and enjoy activities such as snorkeling and diving with no worries about rough seasonal waters. This means travelers can better plan their trips without the inconvenience of worrying about choppy waters and rough weather.

Abundance Of Islands

Did we mention that there are well over 70 islands in this area? From bustling tourist islands to more secluded beaches, there are so many choices for islands to visit and places to stay that it may be overwhelming for many visitors. Make sure to do your research ahead of time so that you can choose to visit the islands that will be most your speed, and also choose the camping place that appeals to you most. While in the area you will have the opportunity to visit the various islands by boat or by taking one of the many tours or boat taxi services available. Needless to say, you’ll just never run out of places to see no matter how long you stay in Whitsundays.

Soft Sands

Lots of beach areas can make the claim to have soft sands, but this region really takes it to that next level with some of the softest natural beach sands known to man covering its many beaches. As a matter of fact, the sands here are pure enough that you can use them to clean your jewelry. This makes for relaxing beach days and walks along the water’s edge where the soft sands will feel nice on your feet or under your back as you lounge next to the calm waters. These are some of the nicest beaches in the world and have been attracting motorhome hire travelers for many, many years. It won’t take you long to figure out why once you witness the soft sands on the multitudes of beach in this island region.

Sub-Tropical Weather 

Did we mention that it’s warm here all the time? Even deep in July you will be able to rock shorts and tees, swim in the waters, and bathe in the warm sunshine. This region is known to be temperate during any month, which makes it the perfect time to head there in July to escape the cool weather that clamps down on the rest of the country. Even though there are a lot of travelers who have the same idea, the sheer massiveness of this region and the many islands within it mean that it rarely feels overcrowded. Even during the height of the winter season rush, you will be able to enjoy this lush, tropical region with little hassle.

Whale Watching

Another great thing about a July visit is that it gives you the opportunity to do a little whale watching. Each year beginning in July the humpback whales begin making their way toward these warm waters. They come in many schools, and you can witness them right from the shores or take a specialized whale watching tour where your guide will take you to where they exist in the greatest abundance. Witnessing one of these giants up close and personal is an experience you will never forget, so make sure not to pass up this opportunity should you make the right choice to come here in July. Also don’e forget about the wide array of other sea life that you can witness while diving or snorkeling, which includes sea turtles, maori wrasse, and all the colorful schools of fish that the Great Barrier Reef is known for.

Whitsunday is truly a magical tropical paradise featuring warm sunshine, many beaches, and a multitude of islands to explore. Motorhome hire travelers can experience the perfect July getaway and relax on the pure sands next to the sparkling blue waters on one of the beaches in this true Australian wonder.

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